jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

What are you doing?

1. She's talking on the phone, she's not drinking coffee
2. They are dancing in a party
3. He is eating
4. She's playing the piano
5. They are watching TV 
6. She is swimming 
7. She is sleeping
8. They are exercising
9. She is reading a book
10. He is singing
11. He is climbing

Second Life!

My avatar in Second Life is a woman, her name is fabsardi but you can call her Fab
Here's Fab with their classmates in Second Life.

Here's Fab reading a magazine in the center of URBE

Coca Cola Security Cameras

I love this video. It's a different way of looking at life, in this case a simple video camera shows how we really are and how we act in reality. We should not always comply with the protocol. Sometimes you have to break the routine.
Be happy!

Personal Items


What do I have in my bag?

1. I have a URBE ID in my bag.
2. I have one notebook in my bag.
3. I have a color pens in my bag.
4. I have a pen drive in my bag. (It's very important to me)
5. I have a wallet in my bag. 
6. I have a draft and pens in my bag.
7. I have my little makeup bag in my bag. (Definitely, this is the most important)
8. I have my phone charger in my bag.
9. I have two antibacterial in my bag.
10. I have a Tic Tac in my bag. I love Tic Tac. I'm addicted!

Poem for my dad...

I love you 

Kind, loving, funny, dedicated
Father of Javier Eduardo and Fabiola
Who loves his family, fight for it and advise us
Who is not afraid of anything in this world 
Wants to see us happy and being someone in this life
Resident of my life and my heart.

What are you doing?

This is the lesson for unit 4. Here we practice personal items.

Level 1 World Link unit 4